————————————————- Limitations The market research process carries many limitations. It is important to recognize these limitations as they can lead to less accurate or bias results.. The following points are recognized as limitations that must be addressed. * Method used * Respondents to the method * Time constraint * Resources Method used: When sampling our population a non-probability sampling method was chosen known as convenience sampling. This method possesses limitations which must be taken into consideration.
Due to the nature of the method it can often have a poor reflection of the whole sample. In this research it has been found that through our method, younger age students are the students who are answering the surveys. Also a majority of respondents were from the business faculty rather than the arts, science etc. These factors can all limit the accuracy of the results. Respondents to the method: Corresponding with our chosen method is the limitation of accurate results due to respondents responses. They may give an answer that is not necessarily accurate due to laziness or inconvenience.
The online surveys are also limited as researchers do not receive detailed knowledge or reasoning of why people have put certain answers. Internet surveys can also lead to misunderstandings and it may be hard to follow up respondents, as you may not know who has answered the survey. Time Constraint: Other limitations that should be recognized is time. Due to the duration constraint placed upon the research process, limitations arose. Through more time the market research could have been done in a more detailed and thurrer manner using the most effective method.
Resources: The resources available also limited us to get the most accurate results as possible; we were not able to get a list of all Macquarie students to ensure a more accurate reflection of the population was used. Also It is known that experience of the actual researches themselves can vary results. Inexperienced researches may not use the best survey method and may subconsciously jump to conclusions throughout the research. As this is our first time conducting such research limitation occur due to this. ————————————————-
Recommendations for overcoming limitations The method used did tend to limit the accuracy of our research. This could be overcome by using another method, one categorized under probability sampling such as simple random sampling would produce a more accurate reflection of the sample and there would be less room for a bias result. Respondents may also give conclusions that are not accurate. This can be overcome by assuring the survey is simple, easy and clear. It could be done in many languages to overcome limitations with students who do not speak fluent English.
The issues with time had an impact on the richness of research. To follow respondents up with interviews or any further questions, the survey could include a space for the respondents email. This could also enable in depth interviews to create a deeper understanding of respondents answers. Lastly the fact that this research has been carried out by inexperienced first time researchers is a limitation. This can be overcome through advice from professional researchers in order to achieve the most accurate results possible.

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