Anker Innovations Technology, a global leader in charging technology. Power bank is one of its main products in their US market that has been chosen as Amazon’s choice, featured as its big capacity, fast charging and excellent value. With its current market size of power bank, we believe that the power bank sharing service could be a new profitable way to help Anker to expand the US market. Power bank sharing service means users can rent a power bank at their nearby charging station to solve customers’ problems of dead batteries in public places that don’t always have power outlets available. The service could make profit from the customer’s payment of renting a power bank, membership fee, late fee, etc. Also, customers can make a payment for permanent access when they don’t want to return the rented sharing power bank. They can also trade in the power bank once they do not need it later. Technicians will evaluate it and pay money back based on the battery consumption and usage time. The target customer of this service could be travelers, workers, gamers, and so on. For the current power bank sharing market in America, most businesses mainly focus on New York City, but not covered other cities, so the market has not saturated and has the potential to be expanded.

A. Customer Analysis (Two types of customer included. a. Places that are willing to cooperate with Anker to place equipment such as shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, etc. b. End-users who rent the power bank.)

1. Examine 4 criteria for customer segments (Demographic, geographic, psychographic, behavioral segmentations)

2. Customer profile: What are the needs/requirements of customers in these segments?

3. Describe the purchase process (how customers buy – buyers journey)

B. Competitive Analysis

1. Who are your competitors?

2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and their products?

C. Marketing Mix Strategy

1. Product: description of the product, its benefits, packaging (if applicable) and brand name.

2. Promotion: elements of promotional mix to be used and rationale for use of each of these elements. Provide specific media choices, costs, and rationale for use for each element of the promotional mix. Also provide the theme to be used in your promotion (e.g., examples of advertising).

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