The goal from this exercise is to explore problems and to try to deploy critical thinking in regards of coming out with genuine solutions going hand on hand with material being discussed during the semester.

The book is (PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING, 17th Edition, Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong)

For more information please check the attachment file under the name (case analysis). while the case is Mittermeyeretal.

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Case Analysis Course: Student Name: __________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Overview (Overview of pertinent history and facts) Describe the background of the situation or business that is the subject of the case; Provide information that creates the context for your analysis; Incorporate relevant facts about the company or situation derived from research outside the case you are analyzing; provide APA style citations for all sources of information. 2. Problem/s (State the problem) Identify a problem or key issue from the case that is relevant to course goals. Will an analysis of this issue allow you to demonstrate your comprehension and synthesis of course concepts? Clearly describe the problem or issue. 3. Alternative Solutions (Offer alternative solutions and approaches to the problem) Usi

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