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UOM Marketing Frank Winfield Woolworth Question

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Goals Determine the SM goals that stand the best chance of achieving a competitive advantage. Hint: brand building increasing customer satisfaction, driving word-of-mouth recommendations, producing new product ideas, generating leads crisis reputation management, integrating social media with PR and advertising and service engine optimization (SEO). Strategies Identify the strategies best suited for helping the firm reach its goals. Hint: see Eight Cs of Strategy Development, guidelines for constructing SMM strategies for a particular firm (Chapter 2) Target Market Identifying the Target Market – detail the profile of its target audience and the behavior Platforms The social media platforms with the highest contraction of the target audience should be chosen. Explain why you choose these platforms Implementation Each SM platform requires unique and customized tactics. Explain marketing tactics for selected SM platforms Monitoring Explain the processes involved in Tracking, Measuring, and Evaluating your strategies. Also explain the Social Media Monitoring Tools you will employ here. Slide 2 Frank Winfield Woolworth established the company headquarters in New York in 1879. the mid-1920, the company experienced rapid expansion in the European and other ternational markets, increasing its marketing capabilities, further enhancing its market erformance. However, the 1970s recorded a decline in the company’s brand name with the osure of a significant number of stores to cover renovation. The company leveraged cost- ffectiveness since it sold cheap items, attracting and retaining the target clientele market. everaging client relationships by engaging a customer-oriented culture will enable the company
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