For the marketing plan presentation, here are the items to include:

  1. Business Summary: A summary of the organization. This includes the company name, where it’s headquartered, and its mission statement and SWOT analysis.
  2. Business Initiatives: This section of your marketing plan should outline the projects that are specific to marketing. You’ll also describe the goals of those projects and how those goals will be measured.
  3. Target Market: Use the information from the market research study. Including a semi-fictional description of your ideal customer, focusing on traits like age, location, job title, and personal challenges.Basically who will buy the product/service.
  4. Market Strategy: Your Market Strategy uses the information included in your Target Market section to describe how your company should approach the market. What will your business offer your buyer that your competitors aren’t already offering them?
  5. Budget: Your budget describes how much money the business has allocated the marketing team to pursue the initiatives and goals outlined in the elements above.
  6. Marketing Channels: This section includes a list of your marketing channels from the Marketing Research report. Use this section to explain which channel you want to launch a business page, or advertise on, how you will use this channel, and how you’ll measure your success from it.

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