Write a 25 page essay on Marketing Principles Adopted by 1st Division Football Clubs.Over past few years, sports marketing have drawn the interest of a number of researchers. Though this topic has been widely explored in the last three decades, yet the most surprising part remains that sports marketing does not have a clear definition. The term, sports marketing, was coined in Advertising Age of 1979 (Mullin, Hardy and Sutton 11). In the initial times, it had been used to define activities of consumers, industrial products and service marketers who had emphasized on using sports as promotional vehicle. Various researchers and authors have different views regarding the notion of sports marketing. According to the view of Kaser and Oelkers, sports marketing use sports as a vehicle to market products. This implies that popularity of sport is utilized in order to market or promote products (Kaser and Oelkers 12). Then again, according to the views of Shilbury, Quick and Westerbeek, sports marketing are defined as a social and a managerial process that is used by sports managers to realize goals of the sports organization. In order to achieve this, they create and exchange products and value with others (Shilbury, Quick and Westerbeek 17). The unique features of sports marketing had been observed by researchers and they had realized that because of these peculiarities, sports marketing deserved additional attention from conventional marketing (Walters and Chadwick 52). The peculiarity of sports marketing lies in unique nature of the sports industry, sports products and consumers.

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