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Saudi Electronic University College of Administrative and Financial Sciences E-commerce Department Student Name: Student ID: Course Title: E-Marketing Course Code: ECOM-301 Academic Year/ Semester: 1st CRN: Instructor Name: Student Grade: Grade Level: Low/ Middle / High Part 1, around (500) words: Due week 6, on 10/15/2021. (Refer to the Textbook Chapters 2 & 3, and apply the following in the context of your company) 1. Investigate the micro-environment as part of the situation analysis for your company. a. Competitors analysis b. Suppliers and/or Digital Marketing intermediaries. c. Customers’ persona. 2. Summaries the macro-environment variable your company needs to monitor when operating the digital marketing campaign. (two or three variables for each force are sufficient) a. Technological forces. b. Legal forces. c. Economic forces. d.

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