The purpose of this assignment is two-fold:To examine Marshall McLuhan’s use of the critical perspective To master the basics of adding images and video to a blog postTo complete this assignment:Carefully read and review the following:The McLuhan Playboy interview, The chapter from Understanding Media, The video presentations on McLuhan and the critical perspective. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Select either the medium is the message or the global village, and determine if McLuhan used the critical perspective in his thinking. Specifically, does McLuhan: Question commonly held assumptions? Expand the bounds of debate? Aim for the betterment of society? Is McLuhan using the critical perspective? If so, explain how his thinking utilizes the above characteristics. If not, explain how his approach differs from the above. Your tasks:Write a brief essay of no less than 150 words and no more than 250 words Insert one video about Marshall McLuhan or his ideas Insert one image illustrating McLuhan or his ideas; you can earn extra points by creating a meme (Do not copy and paste someone else’s work.) and inserting that. Insert one web link to a page about McLuhan or his ideas (copy and paste the URL) Put your name at the top of the post, not in the titleConsider the assignment rubric below as you prepare your assignment.

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