1. Describe and discuss Maslow’s hierarchy of needs including the types of needs and how they become dominant.

The assignment is to answer the question provided above in essay form. This is to be in narrative form. Bullet points should not to be used. The paper should be at least 1.5 – 2 pages in length, Times New Roman 12-pt font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins and utilizing at least one outside scholarly or professional source related to organizational behavior. This does not mean blogs or websites. This source should be a published article in a scholarly journal. This source should provide substance and not just be mentioned briefly to fulfill this criteria. The textbook should also be utilized. Do not use quotes. Do not insert excess line spacing. APA formatting and citation should be used.

Please refer to this textbox: Stephen P. Robbins, T. A. J. (2017). Essentials of Organizational Behavior, Student Value Edition (14TH 18 ed.). Pearson.

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Essentials of Organizational Behavior Fourteenth Edition Chapter 7 Motivation Concepts Copyright © 2018, 2016, 2014 Pearson Education, Inc. All Rights Reserved. After studying this chapter you should be able to: 1. Describe the three key elements of motivation. 2. Compare the early theories of motivation. 3. Contrast the elements of self-determination theory and goal-setting theory. 4. Demonstrate the differences between self-efficacy theory, reinforcement theory, equity theory, and expectancy theory. 5. Identify the implications of employee job engagement for managers. 6. Describe how the contemporary theories of motivation complement one another. Copyright © 2018, 2016, 2014 Pearson Education, Inc. All Rights Reserved. What Is Motivation? • Motivation: The processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of

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