Think about the different companies that market to you on a daily basis.  There are several different outlets that companies use to market to their customers.  Specifically, think about companies that market to you using mass marketing and those that use relationship marketing.  For your post, decide and discuss a company that uses mass marketing to market to you and a company that uses relationship marketing to market to you.  Be sure to include the company name and in what ways they use mass marketing or relationship marketing to market to you.Instructions for posting: You must create an original post.  In addition to your post, you must also respond to two of your peers.  Be sure to create a new thread when you post your original response with your name in it. When replying to other posts, please post on their original thread.When writing your post, be sure to write in complete sentences. You will be graded on the writing itself as well as answering all required areas of the post.  Your response does not have to be a five paragraph essay.  It does need to be thought through and follow proper netiquette

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