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Question: Which group is more susceptible to reduction with sodium borohydride, a ketone or a nitro group? Reaction: OH NaBH4 ON HN. OR EtOH 3′-aminoacetophenone 1-(3-nitrophenyl)ethanol Procedure: Dissolve/suspend 200 mg of 3-nitroacetophenone in 2.5 ml of ethanol. (This may require heating at the lowest heat setting of the hotplate. If all the solid doesn’t dissolve, that is ok, but having the smallest possible particles in suspension will make the reaction go more quickly and completely.) Allow the reaction to cool to room temperature, then stir the reaction while adding 70 mg of sodium borohydride in three portions over 2-4 minutes. Add 2.0 mL of water to the reaction and heat the reaction to a gentle boil for one minute. Cool the reaction. If it is still bubbling when cool (due to decomposition of sodium

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