EMILE DURKHEIM (1858-1917) The fate of social solidarity
  • The Division of Labor in Society [1893] (1984) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rwbHiNoX5MW4U6uw-…
    • Preface to First Edition (Lewis Cosner), pp. xxv-xxx
    • Book I, Ch 1-4: pp. 1-87
    • Book I, Ch 5: pp. 118-123
    • Book I, Ch 6: pp. 141[To sum up…]-175
    • Book II, Ch 2: pp. 200-225
    • Book III, Ch 1-3 & Conclusion: pp. 291-341
  • Written memos should be 2-3 single-spaced pages, 12-point font. Your memo should discuss topics or questions arising from the week’s reading. You might pull out specific passages to comment on or pull out what you see as a key concept, idea, or argument from the reading. These are thought pieces – they should be coherent, but they are not polished papers. You should end your memo by proposing at least one question for contemplation/discussion.

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This video gives a tutorial on using SmartArt:

Here is the example of a status tree from the Module 4:

An example of a status set showing achieved and ascribed statuses

Note: This status tree does not indicate a master status, but you must indicate one in your status tree.

If you cannot figure out the Word Shapes, Smart Art, or drawing tools, then use another imaging program, or draw one by hand. If you use another imaging program, then save your image as jpeg file (no larger than 100KB please) and insert it into your paper. If you draw your tree by hand, then scan or take a photo of your tree and save it as a jpeg file (no larger than 100KB please) and then insert it into your paper.

How to Complete Part 2: The Paper

In the paper, use your roles and statuses to define and apply the following terms to your own life. Be sure to define and give examples of each of the following from your own life, based on your status tree.

Status (define and give an example from your life)

Achieved Status (Define and include at least 4 from your life)

Ascribed Status (Define and include at least 6 from your life)

Status Symbol (Define and include at least 1 from your life)

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