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BYD – electric car company

1. Explain the four primary priority rules for job sequencing. In what instances at the company might each rule be most advantageous? When would each rule be most disadvantageous? Support your claims with citations from your textbook or outside sources.

What are the four primary rules for job sequencing?Then state in your own words the advantages and disadvantages of each primary rule. Make sure to then add support from the textbook or other credible sources.Ensure to use the proper citations and references.

2. Explain how gross-to-net calculations are processed for material requirements planning (MRP). What specific input files would the company in the case study need to include in this process for a successful MRP? How would you use the MRP information to improve the operations as the manager of this company?

In order to address the gross-to-net calculations and the benefits of an MRP system. Ensure to respond to all three areas:explanation of gross-to-net calculations, input files for a successful MRP, and uses for the MRP system that will improve the operations at BYD

To calculate gross-to-net or MRP: Net requirement = Gross requirement – on-hand inventory

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