This Professional Assignment (PA 2) requires a minimum of three (3) pages (and a minimum of six [6] peer-reviewed sources) APA formatted Word Document in response to the following questions. Your answers should be clear, well-organized, and specific. Provide a concise, cogent argument and include details to support your response. 1. Consider the following regression analysis output: Table 3 Simple Linear Regression Analysis Output (there is a chart here, please look at attached file, professional assignment 2, CLO 7) a. What is the sample size? b. Write out the regression equation. Interpret the slope and intercept values. c. If the value of the independent variable is 10, what is the estimate of the value of the dependent variable? d. Calculate the coefficient of determination. Interpret the value. e. Calculate the correlation coefficient. Interpret the value f. Conduct a test of hypothesis to determine a statistical significance of the slope and the intercept in the regression output presented above. 2. What are the assumptions in the multiple regression analysis, explain each assumption. *Please refer to the Grading Criteria for Professional Assignments in the University Policies for specific guidelines and expectations.