Question Description

I’m working on a project about designing a motion sensor system inside a parking garage, to indicate how many parking slots are available.

So what I need you to do is:

i just need a research paper about 3-4 papers, talking about motion sensors

(the one used in parking lots) to indicate how many parking slots available.

the sensor turn green if the the parking slot is empty and red if its filled.

talk about how the system function and how it is related to MATLAB

Also: here are some information about the paring garage that I’m working on.

please, add the information properly to the research paper and make it fit respectably:

There are 72 parking slot in each floor 6 of them for compact cars, and 2 handicap

The parking garage is 5 floors so it’s going to be 72 x 5 = 360 parking slot In the whole parking garage

For compact cars slots

length 14 ft Width 8 ft

For regular cars

Length 16 Width 8

*The work is due in 5 hours*

and don’t forget references

Picture attached is a draw of one floor of the parking garage.

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