Write 1 page with APA style on Maya Angelous Cultural Impact. The legacy precedes her as the most successful visible woman autobiographer, and autobiographical voice of her time since all her life seemed like her work. Maya brought diversity to literature and theatre through her writing changing the course of society for the better in her profession, as depicted by the Pulitzer Prize, Emmy Award, Tony Award, and inclusion in The National Women’s Hall of Fame. In all, Maya left a legacy of the legendary poet, tireless activist and a writer despite struggles in her life. Criticism of Maya’s books and writings were both negative and positive depending on the point of view of the critique. Maya’s critics included positive reviews by Elsie Washington saying, “the black woman’s poet laureate” after reciting, “On the Pulse of Morning” in President Clinton’s inauguration. Another positive review was by Younge, who said Maya had been able to blend poetry, conversation, and song through merging her talents to create an art performance that results in social uplift and issue a personal message. Negative criticism of Maya was on the use of her life in her writing to which she said she was in agreement to black and white writers saying she writes for money. Other negative criticism came from parents owing to her depiction of pornography, lesbianism, violence, and premarital cohabitation. Other criticism included language use, sexually explicit scenes, and irrelevant religious depictions.

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