The paper is for a MBA Business Ethics class and we are discussing about labor standards, child labor exploitation, ethics in labor, etc… The goal is to write a paper as a response to the reading of a case study called “Sweatshops, Choice and Exploitation”. This case basically defends the existence of sweatshops arguing that the right of choice of the workers must be respected. However, this is not an ethical view considering that most workers are exploited and have no other choice except to take this underpaid job. I believe this paper must argue the opposite, demonstrating how the workers don’t actually have choice. This class is using the following book which must be included as one of the sources! I included a PDF copy of the book. The Case study (which the paper must respond to) can be found on page 315-328. Business Ethics: Decision-Making for Personal Integrity & Social Responsibility

McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Hartman, L., DesJardins, J.

3rd (2013)


The instructions of the assignment are: Prepare a response to the Reading 6-2 Sweatshops, Choice, and Exploitation (pp. 315-328) case study of 3,000+ words, double-spaced pages. *** however it is not necessary to write 3000 words. Professor said he will accept the number of pages necessary to achieve the goal of the assignment!

As reference as a paper against sweatshop labor:

Four sources/references must be cited!!!