I need some assistance with these assignment. rubber band on car, technical report Thank you in advance for the help! The rubber band is the only source of energy for these kinds of cars which is responsible for its movement. Intensely, energy efficiency is attained when the stored energy is transformed into another form of energy in order to aid movement (AAPT 2014). Furthermore, the energy efficiency rate of rubber band cars can be determined by recording the time it takes to cover a certain distance. The car will come to a stoppage after only it has exhausted its kinetic energy and thus stops. The car under experiment ordinarily must travel a linear path owing to the principle of rubber band connection on the back of the axle of the car.Technically, mechanical machines should be powered by a certain source of energy that drives them to achieve work done. In the context of mechanical terms, two obvious types of energy are considered. potential and kinetic energy (Anderson 2013). Distinctly, kinetic energy is basically the energy that is in motion whereas potential energy refers to unused energy or the energy that is stored.These two kinds of energy play a crucial and vital role in both the design and movement of the rubber band cars.&nbsp.Evidently, a rubber band is one of the basic and vital items in the design of these cars. Demonstratively, a rubber band is stretched and released (Anderson 2013). The stretching gives the object a certain amount of potential energy owing to its ability to expand. The stretched component when released, the potential energy is immediately turned to kinetic energy. Likewise, the same principle is used in the design of rubber band vehicles (Trax 2004). The potential energy is held by the rubber band which when released, kinetic energy is emerging and thus drives the car to a certain distance. Apparently, force is needed to drive the object from one stationary state to another&nbsp.point.&nbsp.Force is termed as any influence that will result in the acceleration of the object. The force that acts to resist the movement of an object in contact is termed as friction.&nbsp.