The papers must be structured as an essay or  long form journalism piece, use professional and formal  language and tone,  and carefully credit all sources.   Formatting, spelling, grammar, organization, and mechanics count!!!    Please attach the rubric (which will be posted on Blackboard) to your submission.     Your sources include —but should not be limited to —-your personal experiences and examples from literature including film and video.    Please cite the textbook as well as CREDIBLE newspapers, journals, digital media,

●      Provide a definition of nonverbal communication

●      Provide specific definitions of at least three types of nonverbal communication behaviors (kinesics, haptics, physical appearance, paralanguage, silence, etc)

●      Provide an example of how each of your chosen types can be used to communicate liking or affection for a friend or family member

●      Comment on how each of your chosen types may or may not be present, applicable, or may work differently  in face to face versus technology-mediated communications

●      Describe a real or imagined scenario and identify which type you think would be most effective.   Justify your choice with attention to the people involved and the medium chosen.