Paper instructions:

This is a research paper for my dream career, which is to do Social Media Marketing. Essentially run social media for a brand or company preferably a fashion house. A little background about me is I’m really into fashion the art and creative aspect of dressing. You can express yourself so much. Currently I’m a Merch Manager at Bloomingdales which continues to drive my love for fashion. Also, aside for that in my free time I’m a Social Media Influencer which means I partner with various brands to promote on my social media. The combination of those two jobs inspired me to pick Social Media Marketing as my career choice. I will also attach two references.

In the introductory section of your paper, describe how you decided on this career for your research. You should explain how both your educational background and work history have informed this decision. Using the results of the Career Inventory (and any other career questionnaires/surveys/assessments that you have taken), why do you think this career is a match for your personality, abilities, interests and values?

Part 2:  Employment Sector Data

In this section, detail the education, certificates/licenses and skills necessary for a career in the employment sector that you have selected.  Most of the information you will need can be found in the data bases included in the IBA 135 Research Guide. Remember to write down the sources that you use so that you can cite them in this section of your paper

Part 4: Job Outlook in the Employment Sector

What are some current issues as well as projected changes in this field?  Here is where you will need to find a book, professional journal, news article, or monograph that spells out challenges as well as opportunities.

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