Prompt: Pela has asked you to come up with a message that will easily spin out. Please include the message, slogan, or headline, you create for Pela within your supporting paragraphs, which include an explanation of the VALS, tone of voice, the techniques used in the creation of your message.

Please review their website at

Audience: Keep in mind your paper is to be directed toward Pela, who IS familiar with their product. Imagine yourself preparing a persuasive essay explaining your message using all the knowledge you have gained from the first 5 chapters of A Copywriter’s Toolkit to convince Pela that you know what you are doing.

Role: Consider yourself a creative thinker but get to know your client and their product. Pela has already thought carefully about their core values, so respect them as you go about creating a message that has the potential to spin out.

Format: Please type your answers in size 12 font, Time New Roman, double spaced, number your pages with a three to four page minimum.

Citations and References

Use this style for references when citing from your textbook:

When it comes to messages that easily spin out, Berman states that they address a universal truth like “Mornings are better with coffee” because people can relate to it (290).

Berman, Margo. The Copywriter’s Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Strategic Advertising Copy, John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, 2012.

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