Write a 8 page essay on Research #2.This trend is relatively new and not all operating systems have completely embraced it totally, however this is slowly creeping into the field of medical science enabling more benefits for patient care.With introduction of the concept of online applications that are patented by the given operating systems, large number of Health care associated applications are available in the online market which entail the different domains of health care, such as diagnosis of numerous diseases, serving as a guide and manual, remedial actions suggestion, medical dictionaries, medicine names, nearby pharmacies and numerous other sources that facilitate the health care sector in a positive way.Certain pre requisites apply to the usage of health care applications on the medium of mobile phone. These entail the regulatory body instructions, the clients awareness level, establishing of policies for its promotion, the market promotion policies, their availability factor, language use factor and various other factors that must be taken into account while handling health care applications and promoting them.6. Overview of the F.D.A role in terms of the present day rules in place and the future considerations, with mobile phones becoming part of nearly every individual’s life, regulations are needed to be brought into action.Numerous operating systems have launched applications for use in the health care. Apple Inc. is one of the leaders in this field. It launched this service couple of years ago. IMedicalApps is one sush endeavor undertaken by Apple Inc. and it has a number of applications under its belt that facilitate better health care knowledge and awareness. The Android Operating system is not far behind and it has introduced numerous applications for the same purpose.Apart from the mobile application provides, other PSTN enabled networks are also aiming to catch up fast on the applications. Verizon is one of them that has joined the bandwagon in recent times