The World’s demand for seafood, and the ways we harvest and farm certain species is destroying habitat and killing our oceans. Our food system has to change soon to avoid catastrophic changes to our oceans. Your assignment is to write a 500 word essay answering the following prompt: How can we meet the seafood demands of the world and still maintain healthy oceans, rivers and wetlands?  I want you to be creative and have a realistic approach to solving this issue. What would you do if you were in control? What types of fishing or aquaculture are ecologically friendly?  Include any references. (copy and paste url at end of your essay) I included a link to a National Geographic article that is full of relevant information. Write in complete sentences and in paragraph form and use proper punctuation. You’ll also be graded on creative ideas and relevant information. (fishing/aquaculture technology) 

Explanation & Answer length: 500 words

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