Membrane Separation of CO2 Paper


we’re doing an experiment which is separating co2 from nitrogen, using a membrane,

attached, is the essays we have written about the project and the planning

start with 

1-introduction about what is membrane and how co2 is effecting the environment and how valuable the separation is 

2- objective ( co2 separation )

3- about the polymeric idea and how it is spread between companies.( literature search )

4- talk about size sieving and use the flow diagram and the system attached in the files. describe every part and attach calculations on the report ( bench scale )

5- safety method working with membrane ( lab safety instructions ). ( search for them and include references )

6- Laws and regulations ( standard of disposing co2 or N2. ) ( Search for them and include references ) 

Note: in out project we’re trying to find either Nitrogen membrane or carbon silica membrane, if we could fine the nitrogen membrane, we will connect a pipe from the waste into a degassing method (will upload my file after I finish it about degassing)

7- conclusion 

do not forget table of content 4 attachmentsSlide 1 of 4


CO2 emissions from Power plants Amount or percentage of CO2 generated by a power plant depends upon the type and quantity of fuel or energy utilized by that power plant. Also, the amount of CO2 generated by the powerplant is related to the KWh of electricity produced by that powerplant. The following data related to CO2 emission in USA was taken on the basis of estimates of 2020 power production, CO2 in post combustion processes is mainly present in a flue gas, a gas which is released into atmosphere through a flue (pipe or chimney) whose purpose is to convey exhaust gases to the systems exit. Flue gas along with CO2 also contains a significant proportion of particulate matter (both fine and coarse), oxides of

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