I need someone to write me a rough draft about Mass murders can/ cannot be prevented with adequate mental health programs. choose can or cannot and (JUST THE ROUGH DRAFT) and please for cheap1 attachmentsSlide 1 of 1

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| AT&T LTE 4:18 PM 7 18% s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com c Paper #2 1. Choose ONE topic 2. Include an introduction and body paragraphs that develop at least three points. Each body paragraph must thoroughly develop an idea. 3. Must have at least TWO ACADEMIC sources. 4. Type in correct MLA format 5. Must have in-text citations AND correct Works Cited page 6. Make word choice varied and academic 7. AVOID 1ST AND 2ND PERSON 8. Vary structu 9. MUST INCLUDE A ROUGH DRAFT RECEIVED FROM TUTOR.COM 10. Focus on using tone, style, and writing techniques: • Idioms Hyperbole • Simile · Metaphor Appeal to Ethos (ethics), Logos (logic), and Pathos (feeling) Topics to choose from: 1. If a minor commits a crime the parents should not be held accountable. 2. Video games do/do not make people more violent.

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