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I’m working on a environmental science discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Select one of the following discussion topics:

The Evolution of Meteorology – After doing some research on the history of meteorology, formulate a short essay summarizing a significant event in the timeline and how that event impacted the evolution of meteorology as a science.

Weather’s Importance in Everyday Life and Aviation – First, formulate a general definition and description of ONE of the seven weather elements: pressure, temperature, humidity, wind, clouds, precipitation, or visibility. Include descriptive information such as its variation in time and/or space, relevant terminology, conventions, common units of measure, etc. Then, summarize one or more impacts of the weather element(s) to everyday life OR aviation operations.

formulate and post a roughly 200-word essay that succinctly addresses the discussion points provided for the topic. Identify the title of the topic at the top of your essay.

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