will be required to identify at least three skills that this course has helped them develop—think broadly and creatively. I want to see you move beyond merely the historical content that we are learning in this course. What activities or assignments have we completed that have helped you mature academically or professionally? Maybe it has to do with meeting deadlines and maintaining a schedule. Maybe you want to focus on processing large amounts of data through readings and lectures. Maybe you have gotten better at note-taking and synthesizing complex information, or maybe your written communication skills have improved. For each of these skill sets, please identify which activities or assignments in this class have helped you develop professionally, and make it clear how these skills will help you in the future. To complete this assignmentstudents should write a 500-word reflection on the three skills that they have worked to develop in this course that will aid them in their future career goals.1 attachmentsSlide 1 of 1

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Saad Abdullah Majrashi Assignment Homework 7 due 11/04/2021 at 11:59pm CDT 1. (1 point) Use the method of elimination to solve the system 2x − 3y = −9, −3x + 4y = 13. f21akapshukt0320s002 5. (1 point) Solve the system x + 4y 3x + 12y Answer: Note: If there is more than one point, type the points as a comma separated list (e.g.: (1,2),(3,4)). If the system has no solutions, enter None . = 3, = 9. If the system has infinitely many solutions, express your answer in the form x = x and y as a function of x Your answer is x= y= Answer(s) submitted: • (incorrect) 2. (1 point) Use the substitution method to solve the system Answer(s) submitted: −x + y = 6, 4x − 3y = −21. • • Your answer is: If there is more than one point, type the points separated by a comma (i.e.: (1,2),(3,4)). If the system has no solution, type none in the answer bla

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