Review the readings, websites, and media listed in this week’s Learning Resources, write 3-4 pages on the following:

    Describe, briefly, the design you have selected, and whether your design supports quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods research.

    Describe, briefly, the methodology you have selected, whether quantitative, qualitative, or mixed.

    Explain why you chose this design and method and how you differentiate design from method. In what ways it is a logical method to answer your research question?

    Describe the alignment and consistency of the research questions, research design, and methodology.

    Describe, briefly, the population or type of data you plan to sample for your Dissertation, and why.

    Describe the data collection and sampling methods you plan to use and explain why you plan to use them.

    Describe at least two issues (e.g., reliability, validity, and/or ethical issues) that might arise when using the data collection and sampling methods.

    Explain how you would prevent and/or minimize each of these issues.

    Describe the specific type of analysis you might use (ANOVA, MANOVA, SEM, theming, concept analysis, etc.) to analyze your data and explain why.  Be specific.

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