Part A

Creating a Concept Map – 3 pages with 3 references

Attach and discuss your concept map.

  • Describe your concept map.
    • Identify and describe each variable represented in the map.
    • Which of the variables are dependent variables? Which are independent variables?
  • Explain the key concepts illustrated in your concept map and how they relate to research you have conducted for your project.
    • What are the key concepts depicted in your concept map?
    • How does your concept map relate to the literature reviews you have conducted, thus far, for your project?
  • Summarize how your concept map illustrates your overall capstone project design.
    • How are the overall project design and methods shown in your concept map?
    • What methodological approaches or processes are depicted?
  • Explain how key concepts in your map relate to your primary nursing shortage and staff management question.
  • How do key concepts relate to anticipated measurable outcomes?
  • Delineate the relationships among nursing shortage and staff management question elements as shown in your concept map.

Part B

Methods and Outcomes Analysis Plan – 4-5 pages with 2 references including a concept map.


Describe the overall capstone project design and methods, including:

  • The overall method used for the project.
  • Details about the intervention and its implementation.
  • The type of data collected, and instruments used.
  • An analysis plan for the evaluation of each measurable outcome.
  • The illustrated project design, methods, variables, key concepts, and relationships depicted in a concept map. 

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