Leadership Behavior Analyst-C

The following is a brief outline of the information needed to write an analysis for the mini-casesIntroductionProblem BackgroundAlternatives (at least two) to solve problem; use information from the assigned reading and other academic sources to support your work.Recommendation (based from alternatives); use information from the assigned reading and other academic sources to support your work.Conclusion

Hello Leaders!

(It is imperative that you take time to read the Course synopsis page. This explains the jobs and weekly rotation assignments. If you do not read it, you will be completely lost. So, grab a cup of coffee, read the synopsis, and take notes).

You have been hired on a 10 week contract with the WSBN Trojan Trojan Network Broadcasting Show. Our mission is to discover exciting stories as it relates to leadership and change in the world today. We explore the good, bad, and the ugly in our attempts to unveil the “FIFTY SHADES OF LEADERS” in our virtual reality classroom.

You have been selected to appear on the show to serve in one of the following five roles (see below). Each designated week, you will rotate into a different assigned role with your assigned group. Group members will be assigned the Friday before the course start date.

Attendance and Posting Requirements: Deliverables should be copied and pasted from word into blackboard and not submitted as an attached file. You must place your assigned job title and a catchy phrase in the subject area of the discussion response to receive credit for your work. For example, the Personality Host would write, Personality Host-(Applicable Topic).

You must submit a minimum 1.5-2 page word document deliverable (double spaced) in the assigned team’s discussion forum (equivalent to a one to two page word document). Your deliverables are due no later than 11:59 p.m. on Wednesdays. Students are strongly encouraged to review their weekly rotated assignments and prepare assignments in advance to prevent posting delays. Upon submission of your deliverable, you must revisit the forum at least two additional days and comment on at least two peer postings.

You are encouraged to be original and creative in your delivery of information. Television personalities are a MUST! A sense of humor coupled with accurate research is encouraged. Each deliverable must be accompanied by a minimum of 2 documented sources (limited to the textbook and one additional PEER REVIEWED academic source). You MUST include information from the chapter reading assignment AND one peer reviewed article to meet my expectations. Including information from the text means using concepts, terms, and researched information that is pertinent to your deliverable regardless of your job roles.

Leadership Behavioral analyst (Job C) Provides an analysis of 1 selected case application of choice to discuss among your peers. Selected minicases can be located at the end of each chapter. The selected case application should be selected from one of the two chapters assigned each week. Note: See announcements for guide on writing case analysis.

The question is : Briefly Review the Leader-Follower Model in Chapter 13. Response to the following question with appropriate academic support (the book and 2 peer reviews): Why are the best leaders also great followers?43 attachmentsSlide 1 of 43

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