Please review the scenario below and provide a response for each item (a–g) in the body of this document by applying complete but concise answers. Also cite the text or the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), where appropriate. When complete, save and upload this completed file.


Terry was notified by the IRS that he should appear at the local IRS district office with support for his 2020 travel and entertainment expenses and his charitable deductions. It was a really nice day, so Terry decided to go water skiing rather than to the appointment. On the way to the river, Terry called his tax preparer, Heather Friend, CPA, and told her that he wasn’t going to the appointment.

a.What type of examination is this?

b.What happens if Terry doesn’t attend the appointment?

c.What potential penalties does Terry face?

d.What about Heather Friend, CPA? Does she have an obligation to attend?

e.Does the CPA have authority to attend?

f.Does the CPA face any penalties if the expenses are ultimately denied by the IRS?

g.If Terry ultimately doesn’t agree with the findings of the IRS, what are his options?

Explanation & Answer length: 7 Questions

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