Exploring Your Community (end of chapter): 1-14, A through E.

Interview an entrepreneur in your community. Entrepreneurs are busy people, but most are willing to spend time talking with someone who is interested in what they are doing.

Before the interview, brainstorm at least ten questions in the four categories below.

Write and submit a summary report on your findings – be sure to include the name of the business and the contact person that you interviewed. Your report should be 1-2 pages long.

A. Information gathering: Open the interview with questions about the entrepreneur’s family (any other entrepreneurs?) and educational and work background.

B. About the business: Next, ask questions about how the business was started. How did the entrepreneur recognize an opportunity and develop it?

C. Running the business: Ask about what problems came up as the business got under way and how they were solved.

D. Reflection: Ask the entrepreneur to reflect on his or her experience. What advice would he or she give to an aspiring entrepreneur? Has running a business been rewarding?

E. Evaluation: Reflect on the interview and what you’ve learned about entrepreneurship and small business. Write a summary report on your findings.

Some additional questions you may want to ask:

Did you or do you still have concerns/issues relative to your start-up risks?

Is your passion for the business still the same? Better or worse? Are you having fun?

What resources did you use/require to start your business?

How has your target market changed or evolved over time?

How long was it before you made a profit?

Is your business what you initially intended it to be?

Do you have a business plan?

What are you future goals for your business?

Reminder: Be sure to include the name of the business and the contact person that you interviewed! This due 2/10/21!

Explanation & Answer length: 2 pages

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