3 hours finish these question, question only need 150 words, question 2 only need 200-250 words

question 1

Identifying Sources of Miscommunication. Do #1 only (Alan in Mexico) and identify one or more ways that cultural differences have led to miscommunication. Next, suggest one or more solutions to the problem. For this scenario, consider that Alan must conclude his business within one week or risk losing the sale. What can he do to get this Mexican customer’s business?

question 2

Choose one set of web pages from the following list and analyze the implied audience of these two web pages.  (You only need to look at the home pages, but you can explore the sites more fully if you wish.) Answer the following questions:

Who is the audience for these websites?

What assumptions about audience do the content and visuals of the pages suggest? 

What ways could the pages better serve their audiences? 

Web Pages List:

BusinessWeek and Forbes 

web adress https://www.bloomberg.com/businessweek   and  https://www.forbes.com/#42e425d62254

Submit your memo as an attachment to this drop box.

Remember to use only precise words and action verbs in your sentences.  

Write about both websites and use the names of the sites.

Check after you post to make sure your file truly did attach, and that the file is .doc, .docx .

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