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Question 1: Sunny Painting produces both interior and exterior paints from two raw materials, 𝑀1 and 𝑀2. The usage of raw material 𝑀1 by exterior paint is 6 tons/day and the usage of raw material𝑀1 by interior paint is 4 tons/day. Similarly, the Usage of raw material 𝑀2 by exterior paint and interior paint are one and two tons per day, respectively. The daily availabilities of raw materials 𝑀1 and𝑀2 are limited to 24 and 6 tons, respectively. In order to understand the demand for each product, you developed a market survey. The survey indicates that the daily demand for interior paint cannot exceed that for exterior paint by more than 1 ton. Also, the maximum daily demand for interior paint is 2 tons. The profit per ton is 5 for the exterior and 4 for the interior paint. As the analyst of the Sunny Painting, you want to determine the optimum

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