Using the given article as one of the references please answer the following question.

It was mentioned that the increase in patient participation by using mobile carts. Could you expand on that thought? This is what it was mentioned:

Use of a mobile cart versus a bedside terminal/point of care

Mobile carts have transformed the resident and patient experience. This is because they help improve the availability of patients and resident information, reduce errors and increase efficiency at the point of care. Patient satisfaction can be improved by using high-quality pharmaceutical carts on wheels. Because health professionals may be present in the room while examining medical records, they can boost patient participation. This allows them to spend more time with patients and improve trust level and improve their bedside manner if they don’t have to wait for access to a shared, wall-mount computer system (Indra, Urmela & Naveen, 2019). Modern mobile medical carts provide rapid access to computers and information systems, allowing healthcare workers to swiftly arrange appointments or answer patient queries. This allows patients to interact with people who are accountable for their care while also urging them to become more active in self-care. Other benefits include increasing efficiency for providers, convenience, increased confidentiality, and reduced errors. On the other hand, a bedside terminal is used as a center for care.

Any other feature applicable

A tablet; there has been an increase in the number of nurses informatics in the health care industry. Using a portable technological device can be critical in enabling this field. The tablet can be used to gather critical data and make an informed decision. Data has proven to be critical in the health care industry, and hence such a device can be important (Zonneveld et al., 2020). Also, with the availability of data, health care professionals make better diagnoses and reduce errors.Best to you in your future endeavors. Article…

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