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Witnessed (1997) (Links to an external site.)

PART ONE: Watch the above piece and review the details about it below.

Witnessed (1997)

Directed by Allen Kaeja and Mark Adam

Choreography by Allen Kaeja

Produced by Allen Kaeja, Trisha McKell and Mark Adam

Cinematography by Mark Adam

Original Music: Edgardo Moreno

Musicians: Colleen Cook, Eve Egoyan, Stephen Green, Michele Irion Sound Editor: John Gzoski Performers: Sylvie Bouchard, Philip Drube, Karen Kaeja, Susan Lee, David Zurack

Witnessed is a five-minute film inspired from the dance piece Courtyard choreographed by Allen Kaeja. Allen delves into the times his family lived through during the Holocaust of WWII, by exploring the relationships of five individuals after months of forced confinement inside the Ghetto walls. The story of Witnessed is one of displacement, unrelenting fear and community support in a time of crisis.

In the ghetto, you could never become too attached to anyone for fear that they could disappear the next day. Tenderness happened in moments and the only constants were hunger and corpses. – Mania Kay, family friend and Holocaust survivor

PART TWO: Write about what you saw.

After watching the video, describe what you saw AND connect it to today. Make sure you include details about movements, costumes, story, and more. There is no wrong way to respond as long as you are describing AND then connecting it with your thoughts of the world today. HINT: We are not in the same war state as when this piece was created but what challenges are we facing today in the world that could be related to this work ( a dance piece is called a work)? How does the movements/dancing show the story or themes in the piece?

Your response should be a minimum of 5-7 sentences in paragraph form but can be longer if needed. Please use correct grammar in your response.

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