Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on A Modern Faustus: The Mistress of Games. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Stella dug with her finger, further beneath the root where the earth was soft and wet, like the moist lips of her mother. Her mother was a good woman who supported her and tried her level best not to make her feel her father’s absence.Did her fingers touch anything warm? Stella knew the worm will emerge, just as the Black Magician had explained it would. She had been performing some rites continuously for the last 40 days. The rituals finished today only and she will now begin to reap its results. The Black Magician would now be praying to his evil forces which will give her the powers as she did things. The huge amount of money she had paid him would make him perform the rites in the right earnest. His efforts would bring the Demon from hell to serve her and obey her orders.Her father had rejected the wealth, power, and human relationships he had and went to serve his God. Thus his God had deprived her of her creator. Now, she would use the same things her father had rejected, to bring him back from the dead. She would make him live one more life so he could understand his responsibilities and stand up to them. For this, she would use the powers of the evil forces and her father’s God would just stand by without being able to prevent it.Stella felt something poke against her finger from within the soft folds of soil. A sudden chill flashed through her body and settled in her belly. She shuddered. She hooked her finger and pulled her hand back.Stella loved the phrase. Yes, she was going to be the world’s future. No. the future of the whole universe… like her heroes had once been, but she’d make sure she didn’t become boring repetitions like them. She was fed up with their heroism, and the manner in which each of them accomplished their missions. She wanted things to happen in a different way. in a manner so unique that even the heroes she created would begin to envy her… the same heroes that earned her billions upon billions. Stella picked up the worm.&nbsp.