There is a stark difference in culture between the post and pre-modern era, where the former has manipulated cultural features into forms that can fit the commercialized media industry. Even as theories step forth to explain the vastness in signs, language, and signals propelled by the media, no one does it well like Thomas Mickey’s; ‘A Postmodern view of public relations; Sign and reality.’ Delving into the components of public relation, Mickey deploys many scholars to explain how post-modern thoughts and actions have invaded the public relation culture regarding communication and sign. This essay, therefore, seeks to explain how Mickey’s thoughts on modern public relation change my understanding of the popular cultures being produced today. Using shows such as the ‘Walking Dead’ and the ‘Downtown Abbey,’ herein is an explanation of what these products share with Mickey’s thoughts. Lastly, this essay seeks to explore the difference between Mickey’s works on Gulf war and the everyday life of man.

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