Reflection paper is an open book/ open note , but you must cite any sources from the textbooks or anything you’ve Googled/ learned in a previous class. Information from the lecture videos does not require citations.

Answer the following question in a 6-paragraph essay. The first and last paragraphs should be the introduction and conclusion. The middle four will be your arguments/ examples! A paragraph should be about 5 sentences, and this will make your final word count about 600 words )

Everything we’ve discussed in the course has been a shift from what historians call “Early Modern” Europe to “Modern” Europe. Do you agree that the events and ideas we studied this semester made Europe more modern? Why, or why not? Being “Modern” will mean different things to each of you, so I recommend telling me what you think makes something modern in the introduction of your essay. Use at least 4 examples from class to support your stance, and choose from at least three time periods (aka do not use examples from all one time or lecture.

This course covers the period from c. 1600 to the present. Topics include the scientific revolution, the rise of absolute monarchy in Europe, the 18th-century Enlightenment and the French Revolution. The impact of Napoleon is addressed as is the Industrial Revolution and the advent of socialism, including Marxism. Cultural ideas from Romanticism to social Darwinism are analyzed. European imperialism, World War I and the rise of fascism lead to a discussion of World War II. The impact of western civilization on Asia, Africa and the Middle East are also considered. The Cold War and the modern period conclude the course.

Text book-The Making of the West (with Sources book edited by Katherine Lualdi), Lynn Hunt, Volume Two, Edition 6, 9781319237042.

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