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I’m working on a chemistry exercise and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Hi, I need help as soon as possible for this lab problem. If you cannot solve the first part, please help me with the post lab section1 attachmentsSlide 1 of 1

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EXP 10 TITRATION Strong acid strong base titration data and calculations Record data from the simulation here: Test run Trial 1 Volume of strong acid used (Record in two decimals) 25.00 mL 25.00 mL 25.00 mL 25.00 mL Concentration of NaOH 1.30 mL 1.30 mL 1.30 mL 1.30 mL Initial buret reading 2.00 mL 2.00 mL 2.00 mL 2.00 mL Final buret reading 42.00 mL 41.50 mL 49 mL 48 mL 1. Volume of NaOH used 40 mL 39.50 mL 47 mL 46 mL 2. Moles of NaOH 3. Moles of acid 4. Molarity of acid Calculations: (Show one sample calculation) 1. Volume of NaOH used Volume of NaOH used = Final buret reading – initial buret reading Trial 2 Trial 3 2. Moles of NaOH. Utilize the volume of NaOH used from 1) and concentration of NaOH to calculate moles. 𝐿 Volume of NaOH used in mL x 𝑚𝑜𝑙 x 𝑚𝐿 𝐿 3. Moles of the unknown strong acid: Mole ratio is 1 mol NaOH :

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