Please make sure ALL questions are answered

· Minimum of 2 sources cited for EACH discussion

· APA format for in-text citations and list of references

Discussion 3: Failure of Democracy and the Rise of Totalitarianism

Initial Post Instructions During the 1930s, much of the world seemed to give up on their hope for a democratic solution to their problems and instead turned to totalitarianism, both in Europe and in Asia.

For the initial post, select and address one of the following:

· Germany/Hitler

· USSR/Stalin

· Japan/Tojo

Address the following questions for your selection:

· What effects did the history, politics, and economies of those areas play in their decisions to turn to totalitarianism?

· What role did the Great Depression in the United States play in their plight?

Discussion 4: World War II

Initial Post Instructions For the initial post, select and respond to one of the following options:

· Option 1: Examine one or more major battles, including both the Axis and Allies strategies, the outcome of the battles, and the subsequent effects of the victory/defeat. Include an examination of the technologies that were crucial factors in the battle.

· Option 2: Examine the Nazi ideology in wiping out an entire ethnic group.

· How could any modern and so-called advanced and evolved nation like Germany go along so willingly with the mass murder of at least 11 million civilians?

· How were the Germans able to construct the facilities they built for their “Final Solution to the Jewish Question” so as to commit genocide on an industrial scale?

Discussion 5: The Cold War

Instructions Select one of the following smaller nations:

· Korea

· Vietnam

· Cambodia

· Cuba

· Another smaller nation of your choice with instructor approval

For the initial post, address the following in relation to your selection:

· Examine how Cold War policy by the main players affected the smaller nation.

· Examine why democracy was not successful in that nation.

· Describe the loss of personal liberties that were a result of democracy failing.

· Has the nation’s political system changed since the Cold War? Explain.

Discussion 6: Epic changes in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East

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