Copy this Table and paste it into MS Word. Fill in the table in Word. Then copy it again and paste it herein the space for the answer. If you are unable to paste your table here then make sure you send me a copyvia email. I will not grade a question that does not have a properly formatted table.You have $5 per week to spend on Swiss cheese and American cheese. A pound of Swiss cheese costs $3, while a pound of American cheese costs $2. Fill inthe information in the following table and find the equilibrium. Can you afford this combination?Quantity ofTU fromMU fromMU/P forQuantity ofTU fromMU fromMU P forSwiss cheeseSwiss cheeseSwiss cheeseSwiss cheeseAmericanAmericanAmericanAmericancheesecheesecheesecheese0000151022.517272224BOT T T Anal3 (12pt)

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