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Activity 2: Full Factorial Catapults Activity 2: Multi Factor Catapults in Groups Step 1: Choose a catapult Make sure to also get a ball, measure tape, and usable elastic (test it) Done Step 2: Identify at least 7 different factors you use/change on the catapult that will affect the distance thrown 1. Weight of ball 2. Release angle 3. Type of measuring tape 4. Room temperature 5. Type of Catapult (wooden) 6. Height Level of Catapult 7. Catapult Position 8. Air resistance Step 3: State important controlled factors your group is following. i.e., height, direction, location, setup etc. Important controlled factors are Pin location, Height of Catapult, Release angle and Catapult position (tilted/untitled) Step 4: Choose the best 3 factors that will give you the most control over distance. Select a high and low setting for each, agai

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