Narrative Essay Prompt

Choose one of the following topics to write your own narrative essay. The topic you decide on should be something you care about, and the narration should be a means of communicating an idea that ties to the essay’s theme. Remember in this essay, the narration is not an end in itself.


  1. Gaining independence
  2. A friend’s sacrifice
  3. A significant trip with your family
  4. A wedding or a funeral
  5. An incident from family legend

The World Around You

  1. A storm, a flood, an earthquake, or another natural event
  2. A school event
  3. The most important minutes of a sporting event

Lessons of Daily Life

  1. A time you confronted authority
  2. A time you had to deliver bad news
  3. Your biggest social blunder


  1. Your first day of school
  2. The first performance you gave
  3. A first date

Assignment Instructions

  1. Review the grading rubric as listed on this page.
  2. Review feedback on your first draft.
  3. Work through the revision and proofreading stages of the writing process.
  4. Create a final version of your Narrative Project according to the following formatting guidelines:
    1. The narrative should include characters, conflict, sensory details.
    2. The project creates a sequence of events in a plot.
    3. The project has an enticing title.
    4. An engaging introduction pulls the reader into your experience.
    5. Avoid addressing the assignment directly (don’t write or say “I am going to write about… or I’m going to talk about…”)
    6. Let the presentation reflect your own voice (Is your voice serious? Humorous? Matter-of-fact?)
    7. Share the story AND reflection on why this experience is significant.
  5. Because there are many different formats in which this could be submitted, the guidelines vary depending on what medium you choose to share for your presentation. All projects should include an engaging presentation, a title, introduction, story, conclusion, and reflection.
    1. If it is a written essay, then it should be 3–4 typed, double-spaced pages (about 600–750 words), 12 pt font size, Times New Roman in MLA formatting. It should include at least three images.
    2. If it is a video, it should be between 2-5 minutes long and be presented in an interesting way, with visual stimuli and either written or verbal narration. MLA Works Cited should be attached separately.
    3. If it is an audio presentation, it should be between 2-5 minutes long and be presented in an interesting way, with clear sound quality and narration. MLA Works Cited should be attached separately.