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Musculoskeletal disorders are conditions that affect your muscles, bones and joints. The risk of developing these disorders increases with age. Examples include tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and bone fractures. The severity of each varies and some cause pain and discomfort that interferes with everyday activities. Musculoskeletal aging is a complex process. It involves tissue atrophy and loss of function in muscle, bone tendon, ligament, intervertebral disk and articular cartilage. The progressive loss of musculoskeletal mass function, decreased range of motion, associated with pain, stiff joints, swelling, dull aches, muscle weakness, numbness, sensory loss and fatigue affects elderly people to move around and perform the normal chores. Inflammation of tendons and related tissues is the most common pathology occurring in the wrist and lower limbs. Lower limbs have to bear weight of the trunk which imposes high mechanical forces on hips, knees and ankles, Excessive weight on them will lead to degenerative changes leading to osteoarthritis. There also could be strain on the tendons causing swelling in the carpal tunnel. (Takala ,2015)

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