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*Due to COVID-19, museum visits may be virtual, IE: visit website to view images or take a virtual tour of the museum. Then, students will write a 4-5 page paper, submitted to Canvass a PDF. This assignment requires that you visit (in today’s circumstances, virtually) anart museum that displays art related to the time period and geographic region of the course. Students will visit the Getty, Norton Simon, LACMA, Louvre, Muséed’Orsay,or another museum as specified by the instructor. While touring the museumvirtually, you should take notes and save imagesthat are of interest. Choose several artworks that stand out to you and examine them carefully. Then, imagining that you are a curator at the museum, choose three artworks to be displayed together in a special exhibition.
Your exhibition should be cohesive, ie. choose a theme, medium, style, or something that links the images together, particularly if they are linked in unusual or unexpected ways. You will write a 4-5 pagepaper explaining the theme of your exhibition and analyzing each of the three artworks indetail. Include formal and iconographic analysis along with any relevant historical context, based on what you’ve learned in the readings and overall course. At the end of thepaper, include images of thethree discussed artworks and proof of visit. Sketches or other supplementary materials may be included. What should I write about?You may choose artworks from different time periods or cultures. Your exhibitionmight revolve around a theme (depictions of the divine, images of power, etc) or a related topic (jewelry or animal imagery). The artworks can be any medium, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, etc. This is your chance to explore an area that you would like to learn, think, and write more about.After you have selected your objects, write an exhibition proposal following the steps below:1. Plan an exhibition(as if you were a curator at the museum) with a cohesive and coherenttheme, using your three chosen artworks. Explainthis theme in your introduction.2. Nameyour exhibition. This should be the titleof your paper.

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