Erin Flinchbaugh Art 1301: Exam 2 Museums and Galleries: Fort Works Art, Kimbell Art Museum Date of Visits: Both on March 8, 2017 Name of Show: Cordelia Bailey: One Last Shot, Dontrius Williams: One More Shot, Kimbell Art Museum Permanent Collection Favorite Piece Name of Work: Designer Octopus Name of Artist: Cordelia Bailey Date: 2008 Mediums: Film Since starting this course, I feel like I’ve been given the terminology to adequately describe what I find interesting and satisfying in art. Those things are balance, rhythm, texture, and strong contrast in value. Designer Octopus has all of these things. The right side of the photograph has more concentrated tentacles, while the left side has more white to balance the whole thing out. The foreground is has all of the tentacles spiraled, which could leave it feeling busy, but is balanced by the much more relaxed and less focused background. Because it’s an almost hyper-realistic, the picture gives the illusion that if you touched it you could feel the sliminess on the smooth skin, and the bumps of the tentacles. The tentacles also have a lot of pattern which gives the picture a sort of spiraling rhythm, kind of like Alice in Wonderland music. The final element that made this my favorite photo from the exhibition was the strong contrast in value. Designer octopus goes from bright, almost shiny, white to a deep black with next to no gradation, which is something that I find very compelling. Least Favorite Piece Name of Work: Cockcomb Name of Artist: Cordelia Bailey Date: 2010 Medium: Film Many of the things that made the first picture my favorite are warped in this one. The first thing that I really dislike about this is the value. By adding the one splash of bright red, it takes away from the dramatic black and white found in many other of Bailey’s photos. It draws all the attention to that one point instead of giving the depth on interest seen in the first photo. The texture is also much more lack luster in Cockcomb. By photo shopping the one area of the photo, much of the texture in the comb of the rooster is lost. The quality of the texture in the feathers lets you know that there could have been wonderful texture throughout, and that makes it more frustrating to me. The third reason I dislike the photo is a bit more personal. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of the first few pictures every middle schooler photo shops when they get their hands on a camera. It brings me back to teased bangs and too much eyeliner. In the Cordelia Bailey biography provided by Fort Works Art it says that her photography Erin Flinchbaugh “makes the viewer wonder if these images are real or contrived (1).” In Designer Octopus that comes off with a very surreal quality, but in Cockcomb it goes too far into contrived in a bad way. Artist I Would Curate For Vincent Van Gough When I turned sixteen my mom and I took a trip to London and Paris. While in Paris we took a day to go to museums. We spent the morning at the Louvre, and don’t get me wrong it was incredible, but when you only have a day and it’s in the middle of the tourist season the Louvre ends up a bit overcrowded and overwhelming. After that we visited Musee de l’Orangerie. Finding the tranquility Water Lilies after the bustle the Louvre was better than ice on a burn. It was also where I first discovered my love for the impressionists and fascination with Vincent Van Gough. Part of an incredible concentration of talent, the way that Van Gough explores texture and an almost surreal way of looking at landscapes made him a visionary. I would love to be able to put a show together of Van Goughs works, but don’t have hundreds of millions of dollars, considering that in 2015 one of his lesser known paintings L’Allée des Alyscamps sold for $66.3 million (2). If I could pick four paintings to show together I would pick The Postman Joseph Roulin (1889), Le Moulin de la Galette (1886), A Vase with Daisies and Poppies (1890), and Evening Landscape with Rising Moon (1889) to show a broad range of his styles and subjects. My Show Artwork 1: Composition Name of Artist: Fernand Leger Date: 1920 Medium: Oil on canvas Artwork 2: Composition Name of Artist: Piet Mondrian Date: 1914 Medium: Oil on canvas Artwork 3: Man with a Pipe Name of Artist: Pablo Picasso Date: 1911 Mediums: Oil on canvas Artwork 4: Girl with a Cross Name of Artist: Georges Braque Erin Flinchbaugh Date: 1911 Medium: Oil on canvas All four of the pieces that I chose are early 20th century cubism. With that in mind I would title my show Cubism: A Geometrical Exploration in Oil. All four of these pieces were painted by men who were revolutionary to the art world, although these were made in the middle or towards the end of cubism. The reason that I chose to do a show with the cubist movement in general relates back to the core about what I love in art, balance, rhythm, contrast, and texture. Although not all of the pieces capture all of the principles, each of them has at least one. Leger’s Composition is abstract art, and is the best example in the show of value, with the strong wine red and green, next to the tans and creams. Mondrian’s Composition has strong rhythm in the repetition of the squares and rectangles. The ratio of lights to dark in Man with a Pipe gives it a good sense of balance, and is also abstract art. Girl with a Cross, also an abstract piece, has some of the best texture in the show with the texture of the girl’s hair. All in all, the four pieces together are a great representation of the cubist movement. Works Cited (1)”Artists: Cordelia Bailey.” Fortworksart. Fort Works Art, n.d. Web. 10 Mar. 2017. (2) Alindogan, Marah. “Van Gogh’s Painting Sells for $66M, Nearly Six times Its 2003 Price.” AOL, 14 July 2016. Web. 10 Mar. 2017. Maria Z***** Art Appreciation 1301 Exam 2 Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth 1. #Z*****MariaMYFAVORITE Name of Artwork: Wheelabout Name of Artist: Nancy Graves Date: 1985 Medium/s: Bronze and stainless steel with polyurethane paint My personal favorite artwork is Nancy Graves sculpture, Wheelabout. There are a multitude of characteristics that make this sculpture captivating and wonderful. Throughout the entire work there is so much color being utilized to bring the piece to life. Its vibrancy caught my eye almost immediately. What makes Graves use of color effective, rather than overwhelming, is her use of complementary colors such as blue and orange, purple and yellow, red and green, and so on. Those colors did exactly that, they complemented each other rather than work against one another and evoked a feeling of happiness when observing it. Aside from color, form is used in a great way. Certain areas of the sculpture are very thin, such as the semi-circle in the front and what appears to be a ladder of sorts in the middle of the piece. When compared to the wide bench and the small wheels at the bottom placed further out, a balance is placed throughout the sculpture, making the entire piece symmetrical when looking at it from the front. The arc in the “ladder” gives a direction for the eye to move, and study the entire work throughout the way in a positive manner. These characteristics add to one another and make the piece childlike and joyful in the best way. The lightheartedness of Nancy Graves Wheelabout made this the most enjoyable piece in my opinion. 2. #Z*****MariaMYLEASTFAVORITE Name of Artwork: False Patriots Name of Artist: Derek Boshier Date: 1984 Medium/s: Oil on canvas False Patriots by Derek Boshier is my least favorite artwork. I personally feel like there is too much going on across the painting that distracts from the message Boshier is attempting to convey. The intensity of the red that Boshier uses overshadows certain details, such as the bodies or the faces of the people in the work. In addition to (or in comparison to) Boshier’s use of red, his choice in using the colors black and white create an immediate and deep contrast that, rather than enhancing each element, takes away from one color to the other and loses focus. In addition to this, throughout the entire painting there seems to be a lack of hard, well defined lines and certain areas of the work blend into one another giving a very messy look. Based on the title False patriots, and some of the implied characteristics in the panting, such as the Ku Klux Klan figures in the top right-hand side, Boshier’s use of color and soft lines may have been intentional in order to create that intensity and messiness mentioned above in order to enhance his message and purpose of his artwork. However, in my opinion, the artwork is off-putting in certain ways and is therefore my least favorite artwork in the museum. 3. #Z*****MariaARTIST Name of the Artist: Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler If I were to curate a show I would chose the artist duo Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler. The reason I chose these two artists is because they actually create a lot of their artworks together. My personal favorite form of art is photography, I find it extremely interesting and find that it can be quite beautifully and meaningfully created. Hubbard and Birchler’s photography seems to be very vibrant and rich in color, and light and perspective is often used in interesting ways such as in their photo series Holes. The photo series Holes in particular is what drew me to choosing these artists. The way in which the center focus of the photos is emphasized is uniquely done. The objects within each photograph varies, but the center of focus always seems to be a human body. The body is usually the clearest and most detailed, while everything else around it is blurry and out of focus. What is closer to the edge of the photo is often darker and larger, and as the eye goes deeper in to the middle, the exposure to light increase and objects become clearer, until eventually there is a “hole” where you see a human body, this tends to be the most colorful or vibrant area of the photograph. To me, Hubbard and Birchler’s is very visually appealing and I would love to put a show together of their artworks. 4. #Z*****MariaMYSHOW Artwork 1: Self-Portrait (Actress)/After Elizabeth Taylor 2 Name of Artist: Yasumasa Morimura Date: 1996 Medium/s: Ilfachrome photograph mounted on Plexiglas Artwork 2: Lia Name of Artist: Dickson Reeder Date: 1944 Medium/s: Oil on canvas Artwork 3: Self-Portrait Name of Artist: Robert Mapplethorpe Date: 1980/1999 Medium/s: Gelatin Silver Print Artwork 4: Untitled (Seated Woman) Name of Artist: Ron Mueck Date: 1999 Medium/s: Silicone, acrylic, polyurethane foam, and fabric If I were asked to put a show together using four works of art I would select Self-Portrait (Actress)/After Elizabeth Taylor 2, Lia, Self-Portrait, and Untitled (Seated Woman) by the artists listed above. The title of the show would be “Women in solitude”, with the most predominate unifying factor being that the main subject of each artwork is a woman. The reason I chose these works is because as I walked through the museum I noticed there were a lot of different artworks that involved women, and found it intriguing how these four artworks portrayed a woman in solidarity as the only subject. Studying the artworks further I noticed all were from different points in time. When viewed side by side, it is as if you are seeing the women themselves age, or the idea of what a woman should be, change as well. For instance, when looking at Lia, which is the oldest artwork, you see a woman staring away, in simple clothing with a bare face and her hair pulled up. Then in comparison to Self-Portrait (Actress)/After Elizabeth Taylor 2, a woman is still staring off into the distance yet in a more confident and free manner. Her body faces forward, clothing more accessorized and modern, she’s got her hair down and a face full of makeup. Although all four artworks use different styles, mediums, and even formants, such as painting versus a sculpture, they are all unified by the use of women as their subject, because of this I would curate a show of these four works. Art Appreciation 1301 Exam 2 DO NOT CHANGE THE ORDER OF THE EXAM This Exam is due on or before 10/16 While visiting a local museum or gallery fill out the following information Name/s of Museum or Gallery: __________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Date/s of Visit: _______________________________________________________________________ Name of Show or Exhibition: ____________________________________________________________ CRITICAL ANALYSIS (20pts each) Choose a variety of works in response to answering these questions. Think about the content and the way the artist/s resolved what he/she were trying to express. Be honest, clear and factual with your thoughts. Please do NOT repeat artworks, vary your answer and research. Have a qualified individual proofread your document – Use the services of the Writing Center. **Make sure to upload ALL 5 images to Instagram, each one MUST have Class Handle: @TCCARTS1301 Class hashtag: #1301OL106exam2 Section’s hashtag: Example – #LastFirstMYFAVORITE (make sure is YOUR Last and First name) 1. What is your favorite work of art in the venue and why? (100 words) #LastFirstMYFAVORITE Name of artwork: ____________________________________________________________ Name of the Artist: ___________________________________________________________ Date: __________________________________ Medium/s: __________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. What is your least favorite work of art in the venue and why? (100 words) #LastFirstMYLEASTFAVORITE Name of artwork: ____________________________________________________________ Name of the Artist: ___________________________________________________________ Date: __________________________________ Medium/s: __________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. If you were asked to put a show together (any type), BY ARTIST (past or present), who would you curate and why? (200 words) #LastFirstARTIST – Upload an image (that you took) of an artwork by this artist. Name of the Artist: ___________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 4. If you were asked to curate a show of 4 works of art, which 4 works of art would you select, what would the title of the show be, and what would the theme or unifying factor be for this show? Please elaborate your reasoning. (200 words) #LastFirstMYSHOW – for all 4 images. Artwork 1: ____________________________________________________________ Name of the Artist: ___________________________________________________________ Date: __________________________________ Medium/s: __________________________________________________________________ Artwork 2: ____________________________________________________________ Name of the Artist: ___________________________________________________________ Date: __________________________________ Medium/s: __________________________________________________________________ Artwork 3: ____________________________________________________________ Name of the Artist: ___________________________________________________________ Date: __________________________________ Medium/s: __________________________________________________________________ Artwork 4: ____________________________________________________________ Name of the Artist: ___________________________________________________________ Date: __________________________________ Medium/s: __________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ This Exam is due on or before 10/16

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