This assignment gives you an opportunity to visit the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston in the downtown area. 1001 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77005 (check out the link for their website for info on free visit to the MFA,H)

Although I’ve selected specific works of art within the museum for your to view, please take time to see the other works from the different collections of the MFA,H. There is an interactive installation that is on view until September 18, 2016 — Kusama: At the End of the Universe. There is an admission cost for this exhibition. You are not requiredto see this one but it would definitely be an interesting piece to experience.

Your immediate reaction to a work of art is always taken into consideration. It is equally important to allow yourself to be open to “reading” the work by taking time with it. Take notes by describing the work that is exhibited—make observations of the details and visual components (elements and principles of art and design) that make up the piece. Having a written description of the physical details of the works of art helps you with understanding the form (visual characteristics) and to generate ideas about the content (meaning of the work).

Find the following works.

1) Cai Guo-Qiang, Odyssey, 2010, Gunpowder and pigment on paper View the 10 minute video to understand the execution of the work. Current Location: Carolyn Weiss Law Building Arts of Asia Collection

2) André Derain, The Turning Road, L’Estaque, 1906, Oil on Canvas Current Location: The Audrey Jones Beck Building 223 BECK GALLERIES

3) John Biggers, Jubilee: Ghana Harvest Festival, 1959-1963, Tempera and acrylic on canvas

Current Location: The Audrey Jones Beck Building LL 22 MILLENNIUM GALLER

4) Select 2 more works of art of your personal preference Be sure to include Artist, Title of work, Year of work, Medium and Location of the work and why you chose the work.

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