Atmospheric Perspective
Analogous Color
Approximate Symmetry
Asymmetrical Balance
Visual Unity

Detailed and descriptive demonstration that explains specifically
how the concept associated with the term appear(s) in the selected
work of art (see demonstration below).

Let’s pretend the required term is Shapes and we’re at the Chicago Institute
of Art. Here is the image I selected to demonstrate the concepts associated
with Shapes:

Shape: Provide the following information for the work of art
you are using to demonstrate Shape:

Artist: Georges Seurat
Title of Art Work: Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
Date of Art Work: 1884-1886
Medium: Oil on Canvas Gallery: Gallery 14

Shape – Provide your description that relates how the concepts
associated with Shape appear in your selected work of art:

Shape is used extensively in Seurat’s painting. Both geometric and
organic shapes are used. The use of geometric shapes in this painting
can be demonstrated by viewing the fan located in the foreground, by
the elbow of the reclining figure at the left side of the canvas. To form
the fan the artist has used a triangle, which is a geometric shape. He
distinctly separates and creates the shape of the fan from the
surrounding grass by using a different color for the triangular shape of
the fan; he uses pale lavender that allows the viewer to separate the
fan from the surrounding green grass. In addition, a very thin black
outline around the fan can be seen upon closer inspection, which
further creates a distinct boundary for the shape. An example of
organic shape can be quickly located in the left foreground of the
painting as well. The previously mentioned reclining figure is an
organic shape, the human form as a whole does not progress regularly
with straight lines enclosing the form. The artist distinguishes the
organic shape of the reclining man with the use of separate colors
from the surrounding area and through the use of outline and shifts in

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