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For this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography of the sources you plan to cite. This is not necessarily your final bibliography. You may decide to include additional citations in your final project. Each citation should include a summary (one or two sentences) of what is contained in the source. Links to sources can be found in the prompts below.undefined

•The bibliography should use MLA style.undefined

•It should include a minimum of 7entries.undefined

•It should only include primary sources—material that was createdbetween 1930 and 1960.undefined

•You will submit a pdf or screen shot of each source.undefined

Below is the research topic for the final project.undefined

Prompt 2: Spanishand English-language Fan Magazinesundefined

If you read Spanish, compare two or more issues of Cine-Mundialand/or another Spanish-language magazine digitized by the Margaret Herrick Library to two or more issues of an English-language fan magazine from the same year.undefined

The questions posed below should help guide you towards your analysis. You do not need to answer all the questions. They are included to help point you towards your argument:undefined

•Do the two magazines promote the same films and stars?undefined

•Do they pitch films in the same way?undefined

•Do they have the same advertisers?undefined

•How would you explain the differences between the two magazines?undefined

Cine-Mundialand other fan magazines like Photoplay, Motion Picture, Picture Play are available through the Media History Digital Library (https://lantern.mediahist.org/).The Margaret Herrick Library (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) has additional Spanish-language magazines.

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